Wednesday, June 10, 2009


HELP: The offer still stands--if you know how to run Photoshop (AT ALL) and would be willing to make me a header for this blog, I will send you a surprise/awesome package in the mail. It doesn't have to be fancy at all, I just am finding out more and more everyday that I am painfully incompetent when it comes to web design and, thus, can't do it myself. Boo.

WATCH: Star Trek. You are probably un-American if you haven't seen this movie yet. So shut off your computer, put on your shoes, and run, run, run to the nearest cineplex. Commie.

LISTEN: "Every Goliath Has Its David"--Boy Least Likely To, off of their newest album "The Law of the Playground". I once heard this British duo described as "what you would imagine your stuffed animals would sound like, if they came to life and formed a band." If that doesn't make you want to download this album, then I don't know what will. Plus they're known for incorporating unusual instruments--from the banjo to children's colored xylophones to washboards--into their music. Awww. <3

BUY: Love coffee, but looking for yet ANOTHER way to incorporate it into your daily routine? Sick of those annoying moments of life when you're in the bathroom, brushing your teeth, and unable to simultaneously sip a hot cup of joe? Well, thanks to the lovely people at Fred Flare, you NEVER HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THIS AGAIN because you can now flavored floss. We may not have flying cars yet, and all our technology still can't cure the common cold, but dammit we have floss that sorta tastes like coffee. And that's good enough for me.