Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Spirits to the Rescue??

Dear Free Spirits, oh loves of my life, 

Next Tuesday, I have an interview at the Rochester Post-Bulletin for an internship this summer. (ack!) I recently received an email warning me to prepare for a "short reporter's test". However--despite my best efforts on google--I have no idea what this is. So, if you have ANY idea, please, please, please give me a jingle/comment/email/text/WHATEVER!

I have, however, been heavily preparing for the normal interview part of the process. Not only do I know that the Rochester Post and the Rochester Bulletin combined to (cleverly) form the "Rochester Post Bulletin" in 1925, but I am practicing VERY hard to not call Adrianna Huffington the b-word at any time during the process. (No promises though. Seriously, who completely blows off an interview with a COLLEGE student?!)

<3 from the land of way too many freaking lakes,